How to find us​

Address: Moorparks, Beaford, Winkleigh, Devon, EX19 8NA

The post code will take you straight to us. If you are coming from the continent where you drive on the right, in the UK they drive on the left. In Devon they usually drive in the middle of the road!

Exeter trains stations
There are three train stations in Exeter between 28-30 miles away from Moorparks. The local car rental companies offer a meet and greet service if booked in advance. Barnstaple train station is closer (15 miles) but you will need to change at Exeter to get there.

Exeter Airport, EX5 2BD, 42 miles away
We are about an hour away from the airport which has four car rentalcompanies on site

Eaglescott Airfield, our local airfield
If you have or hire your own aircraft Eaglescott Airfieldis just 3.5 miles away…….or if its a light helicopterwe can clear a paddock for you!


Moorparks Farm Holiday Cottages
EX19 8NA