Children's Drawing Competion

To all Children holidaying at The Studio


We hope you are having a wonderful time here at Pebbly Bay

Please draw a picture of your favourite part of your holiday

The coloured pencils and paper

Are in the container

Under the coffee table

Please dont forget to label 

Your Name and Age

And then at this stage

Slide your art in this folder 

Then when you are just a little bit older

At the end of the year

It will hopefully be clear

Which one is best

In this little contest

We will send a prize to the lucky winner

Which should arrive before you eat your Christmas Dinner

Good Luck to you all!

Well done to Remy Age 6 Winner Christmas 2018

Well done to Kaia Age 5  Winner Christmas 2017  

Well done to Ava age 8 Winner Christmas 2016

Well done to Freya age 9 Winner Christmas 2015