Havana Insides

Havana From Another Point Of View

There certainly is so much more in Havana besides El Casco Historico (Old Havana) so, don’t miss it! Likewise, explore our local area as well. By all odds you will be living among the locals, grasping the real Cuban soul.

First of all nearby are good restaurants with great food at a cheaper price than in the more tourist-oriented area. I personally have a soft spot for a restaurant a couple of blocks from us, Karma, and another a bit further, Decameron, which offers a great lemon meringue pie! Furthermore! Nearby you can also have Cuban style pizza, buy homemade sweets and crackers, or drink fresh guarapo (sugarcane juice).

Near to us is El Bosque de La Habana which is not often frequented by tourists, yet it is one of the emblems of our city, regarded as Havana’s lung. Also are boats at the river that you can for rent, as well as other attractions for families. Above all, it is a beautiful example of the power of nature, therefore, a wonderful place to get away.

Likewise, you can also enjoy a walk down the 5th. Avenue. Noteworthy on your way, you will find La Casa Verde. Havana’s residents have always felt curious about this mansion, because of its uninhabited and mysterious appearance.

While at nights the thrilling atmosphere of La Fabrica de Arte, also the restaurant 1830 with live music and even more El Meson de la Chorrera for a could bear on a warm night.

Havana is a powerful place to visit! so large and with much to discover! We will make sure you won’t be missing out on anything!

Do Not Stay Only In Havana

Cuba is beautiful!

Plan time to visit some of the amazing sites, regions, beaches, and cays!
Certainly Guillermo or Jutia, the Mogotes of Pinar del Rio or the Colonial Trinidad
For this reason, we offer to help you with an abundance of information, map in hand to :
*First of all Plan your visit according to your preferences
*Also we Advise you in the best way of transportation
*Likewise we Make reservations in well recommended Casas Particulares across the island
Why I love Cuba and You will love it too!

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