Competa has so much to offer!

Lazy days to crazy days - enjoy!

Where is Competa?

We would love to show you all the wonderful things to do in Competa, but first let us tell you a little about it!

Competa is a beautiful Andalusian village set within the stunning mountain range of Sierra Almijara.   Its inhabitants are known as Cómpetenos. It is at an altitude of  640m above sea level which provide stunning views of the mountains, countryside and Mediterranean sea.  It has a population of approximately 4000.

The village with its Moorish roots sits on the mountainside with amazing views. The pretty whitewashed houses line the winding, labyrinth-like narrow cobbled streets.   It has the most beautiful squares, in the heart of the village, each one a perfect relaxation spot. The main Plaza Almijara is like the heartbeat of the village and there is always something going on. The village is located 18 kilometres North of the coastline of Algarrobo Costa. It is about 49 kilometres from the centre of Malaga, which is about an hour’s drive away. With the coast close by and being surrounded by mountains there is always an opportunity to experience all aspects of Andalusia.

Why visitors love Competa!

The village is wonderfully positioned beside a 4,000-hectare wildlife reserve. The reserve incorporates the Sierra Almijara range. The area is particularly popular with wildlife enthusiasts and bird watchers. They come to marvel at the eagles that roam the skies. It is equally popular with walkers and cycling enthusiasts. Whether you are an avid walker or new to this hobby, you will find routes range from easy to difficult.  There are plenty of each.  Take a look at our walking in Competa blog here for more information blog  

Furthermore, the area is popular with photographers.  Be it the flora and fauna found on the mountainside or the beautiful views.  Sunsets are quite simply amazing!  The mountain vista is beautiful from dawn to dusk.  In the pueblo, there are many beautiful buildings and features to photograph. Have a look at our Facebook or Instagram accounts for inspiration.

Lastly but not least, sun worshippers come to Competa for the climate and foodies love the many restaurants and bars.

The Competa climate

Fortunately, Competa enjoys a sub-tropical Mediterranean climate of hot summers and warm winters.  Actually it has an average of 300 days of sun a year and an average of 8 hours of sunshine per day. The proximity to the sea gives cooling breezes in the summertime. It is also close enough to spend a day skiing in the Sierra Nevada.  So is perfect for mixed parties when not all members want to ski!

Why this Andalucian pueblo?

Competa long known as the pearl of the Axarquía is one of the best bases for a stay in the Axarquía. Many come here because they appreciate its authentic Spanish vibe and culture, often lost to other villages. It has all the benefits of the neighbouring pueblos without being overrun by tourism.  The people are warm and friendly.  Don’t be surprised when complete strangers say Hola (pronounced ola) as they pass by.  This is hello and it happens all the time.


Ferias and Fiestas

Feria’s are held throughout the year and Cómpeta’s Feria is in July.  Be prepared to party until the early hours and to have a great time with fireworks, music, drinking, dancing and amusement park rides and games. The Plaza Almijara square comes alive with a foam party and the steep La Rampa has a water slide for the daring. Our favourite event is when all the Cómpeteno’s gather in traditional dress for the Romeria.  Many ladies will match their daughters in the specially made Traje de Gitana or Traje Faralaes: a traditional flamenco dress.   You will find men on horseback in the Traje de Corto: A traditional outfit: a short jacket, tight pants, and the Cordobés hat.

Another popular Cómpeta celebration is the Noche Del Vino or Night of the Wine which takes place on the 15th August.  Cómpeta has some of the area’s best local wine, at the end of the day there is a program of flamenco and Sevillano music and dance plus limitless free wine.  You can also gather some of the free collectible posters, designed by a different artist each year – see how many you can spot in the Competa Escapes houses.

Package Deals

Please note we are now offering a variety of  add ons which you can request more information on by contacting Nicki and Paul on +44 (0) 7879 845998. These include flowers on arrival, chocolate coated strawberries and a bottle of Fizz, bike hire and much more.